térplasztika | Pécs, Meszes városrész 2010
SITTING STONE is a collaborative design project of Zoltán Bencze, architect and the leader of S39.

The piece was created within the framework of the rehabilitation process of Meszes district in Pécs, initiated on the occasion of Pécs being the European Capital of Culture in 2010. The rehabilitation of the square, on which the sitting object is located now helped the local community to regain this formerly abandoned site of the city. The glass elements built in the shell-structure of the object fit seaminglessly into the surface at daytime, however after dark the 8 light sources built inside the fragmented array illuminate them which forms separate graphic elements on the surface.

Design: Anna Baróthy / S39 , Zoltán Bence, architect | Production:  MES Llc., Ivánka / concrete technology, Assistants: Ádám Csaba Szabó, Zsanett Szirmai, Special thanks to: Gergely Kukucska, architect , Optimer Llc.


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