kaleidoszkóp-szobor | Monor 2012
We designed four caleidoscope moduls for the community spaces of the kindergarten in the shape of tiny fantastic creatures with only one eye in which the caleidoscopes are located. The creatures become active visual points of the playground which can be operated by the children.

The movement of the head generate a multiplied, montage-like image of the real environment if one looks inside. MOMO's eye automatically starts moving if one leans towards the tube that surrounds the caleidoscope. The shape of MOMO reminds us of a diver bear, a primitive robot, a space alien or a character from a computer game. Its essence is the playing itself, the wonderment to the world that surrounds us and the importance of the personal way of seeing. With this project we also develop the children’s paracolor capability in a playful way.

Architecture: Tamás Németh, Design: Anna Baróthy, Csenge Kolozsvári, Assistants:Zsófia Barakony, Marcell González


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