| Teleki tér 2013
Teleki Square's (Teleki tér, 8. district, Budapest) rehabilitation plan was peculiar as it was elaborated and implemented by its local community. The 8. district municipality now aims to complement this social renewal with a memorial site, representing both the evolution of the square and the life and times of László Teleki, Hungarian statesman and writer, eponymous of the square.

S39 designed a memorial that would resemble to a furnished living room in order to offer a cozy and playful space structure inviting to explore the site.

The graphics, shallow but richly detailed reliefs, fit perfectly in the square's pavement scheme. The thread of images, depicting personal anecdotes about the square, encourages the passer-by to follow the storylines on the carpet-like streams meandering all over the memorial. 3D units are placed within this formation. These are magnified and stylized common objects selected from the everyday life of the different periods of the square. People can activate particular functions, like luminaries and/or audio content, at each 3D item. Thus information is transmitted via complex graphic elements and through these interactions involving three senses: sight, hearing, and touch.

Concept plan: Anna Baróthy, designer, Melinda Bozsó, designer, Renátó Árpás, product designer student, Veronika Krauth, architect student, Péter Krompáczki, architect student, Nóra Lajkó, painter student, Richárd Orosz, graphic designer | Sound interaction consultancy: Hunor Fogarasi


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