aktív tér- és hangsinstalláció | Mád 2013
The MEMBORIAN is a resonator, placed in a winery, which produces audial experiences from memories, resonations, and desires which we call memboriation. Such as the making of a good wine, this process is based on the circulation of water.

The installation consists of four organically shaped clouds made of copper and a detailed piping system. The pipes have structural importance, besides, they serve as the graphic visualization of the falling rain and sound waves. Two of the three branches serve as the carrier of the circulating water, and one holds the cables for the electronics. Besides, during the presence of visitors, the clouds produce sounds which were recorded in the original environment of the winery. Therefore, MEMBORIAN represents the actual surroundings and features of the wine-making process, and offers an essential experience equal to the taste of wine.


Concept and construction design: Anna Baróthy, project leader , Melinda Bozsó, Janka Csernák, Zsófia Barakony, Sound composition: Csenge Kolozsvári, Architecture: Péter Bordás, Annamária Holovits / BORD Architecture Studio, Professional consulting, Áron Majoros, sculptor, Marcell Németh, sculptor, Attila Nagy, sound, Károly Sági, plumber, Production: Anna Baróthy, Janka Csernák, Áron Majoros, Marcell Németh, Tamás Bagi, programming, Zsolt Bónyai, metal sheet forming, László Tóth, plumbing, Imre Vencel, electrical fitting works, MES Llc., electronics w Special thanks to: Zsóka Spak,  Tamás Gincsai


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