világító mennyezeti plasztika | Művészetek Palotája, Budapest 2005
The LBS-MMV is a lighting object designed for the VIP room of the Palace of Arts, Budapest. This part of the building is an “inclusion” interlocked between other larger areas. The low interior height and the curved walls manifest a strong analogy to caves and other natural, narrow spatial situations. Its unique plasticity refers to the large scale living organism, the institution itself which surrounds this more intimate space. Reflecting on its space the shape of our contemporary “chandelier” derives from natural forms. The final concept is developed on the basis of an electron microscopic image of the human respiratory system. The shape of this illuminated scuplture thus recalls the structure of the bronchi and the lungs.

Design: Anna Baróthy, Krisztián Kelner / S39, Architecture: Gábor Zoboki, Mónika Simon, Ferenc Fekete / Zoboki - Demeter Associates Architects | Production: Határ-T Llc., metalwork, Attila Pataky, lampwork, László Kriska, glass blowing | Special thanks to: Puccc, Rita Tusor, Dóra Baróthy


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