aktív térplasztika terve | Weöres Sándor Színház homlokzata, Szombathely 2011
The POESISCOPE is an active facade designed for the Weöres Sándor Theatre in Szombathely, Hungary. The work reflects both on the community building fuction of the theatre, and the poetry of the name giving Sándor Weöres. We designed a surface on which one of the poems of Weöres is moving by the wind. By covering the frieze-like part of the facade we created 560 pieces of rotating elemets which give the surface for the letters of the poem. The rollers consist of three fases which makes the placement of 1680 letters possible. The shaping of the rotary pieces follows the structure of a wind turbine, therefore the wind catches the small plates, and rotates them.

Concept: Anna Baróthy, Csenge Kolozsvári, Dávid Domonkos, Marcell González, Katalin Kardos, Veronika Krauth, Nóra Lajkó, Dóra Latkóczy, Márton Lukátsi

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