The gate of the Debrecen open air theatre/ dynamic drape installation- Debrecen 2015
köztéri művészeti akció | Debrecen, Nagyerdő szabadtéri színpad | Map | 2014
The AER-Dbrcn is the transparent metal drape that is attached to the newly opened Open Air Theatre of Debrecen. The enormous concrete frame has a 250 square metre AER Dynamic installation, made up of different lengths of steel springs and sheet metal, connected with a stainless steel chain structure. The thousands of tiny metal sheets bring to mind the woods not far away when the wind blows.

 The map of this visual creation was designed using a photo fed into a computer program, so that the length of the steel leaves corresponds with the tone of the picture. The varying lengths of metal ribbon create an image, which create a transparent relief. The tow dimensional picture becomes a three dimensional game for the eyes. It provides different pictures when viewed from different angles.

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