Pleasure Factory Sziget / Art of Freedom 2015
installáció | Budapest, Hajógyári sziget | Map | 2015
Our goal was to create a modular experience factory, which can create an intense experience in all of its parts and as a whole at the noisy and colourful SZIGET festival.

We wanted an installation that makes the passer-by think of the conveyor belt production line of heavy industry. We can see machines, pipelines, containers, vats and other equipment linked into each other, creating the illusion of a working factory. What we create is: the EXPERIENCE itself. The installation is the model of the festival itself. It brings you in, consumes you, chews you up and spits you out laughing. The Pleasure Factory is made up of the elements of exploration, freedom, and play. We made pressurizers, wind farms, and a sound room from the discarded parts of factories. The factory works in three shifts, and is run by the volunteers, along with the foreman, the engineers, cleaners and the production manager. We organize interesting visits during the day: you can come check us out during the BETON course.

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