Hortus Aequium- The Garden of Equals - A Handicapped Holocaust Memorial- Debrecen 2015
interaktív emlékmű | Debrecen 2015
The Hortus Aequium or The Garden of Equals won the tender for the “XXth Century Taigetos”, which was a tender for a public installation. The Garden was meant to reflect on the hardships of handicapped people by having an interactive monument- a sensor Garden built around a barrier free path.

Making it wheelchair accessible means that everyone can equally participate and get into the space itself, and the garden has beds of plants that are meant to tease different senses, so the difference between able and disabled melts away, and the participants can get a sense of equality. The path is not just a physical path to the garden, tis i also the memorial itself. Information is available on the path, which have, besides written materials also PCS symbols, Bliss language and Braille as well. The location, reason and tools of this garden can be used to understand disability, and can be a haven and a place of therapy for groups. The situation that this garden was meant to create, one in which there is no exclusion, can be the basis of a new understanding of segregation, of the holocaust and can serve as a basis for a discussion of social equality, dialogue, events and of course, the garden can serve as a memorial place. The actual building was postponed indefinitely due to lack of funds.

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