helyspecifikus világító járdaburkolat | Monor 2012
MUKI_PIX is a spreading artistic system that expands in the form of concrete square panels of pavements and squares in the cities. It is able to create a visual focus in a spatial situation given. However, it doesn’t want to define itself as a piece of art as its form and content fits in the built and natural environment. Its mottos are coexistence, play and natural activity and it aims to strenghten relations of Community within the city.

Members of the local communities have a principal role in creating this site-specific object since its artistic content is created by the graphical adaptation of urban folklore. We collected gossips, local stories and urban legends via interviews, historic research, newspapers and spontaneous conversations on-site.

During the day its surface communicates in a subtle and exciting way with modest yet detailed and sensible graphic texture. After the sunset lighting effect appears through pictogram-shaped and sensor-operated glass panels built into the concrete blocks, reacting to tree leaves falling and to pedestrians and animals passing by.

The MUKI_PIX project was created for the first time in Monor, a small town near Budapest, Hungary as one of the winner projects of the public art competition which was part of the urban development project of the city.

Concept: S39 Art Base / Anna Baróthy, Melinda Bozsó, Vera Krauth, Nóra Lajkó, Bálint Tóth, Project leader: Anna Baróthy, Bálint Tóth, Graphic design: Richárd Orosz (1000%)

Foreman, Bálint Tóth, Assistants: Zsófia Barakony, Dávid Bánsági, Miklós Bozsó, Janka Csernák, Tamás Domonkos, Renáta Jakab, Kata Kardos, Anna Kardos, Vera Krauth, Nóra Lajkó, Gergő Lőcsei, Bianka Miklós, Zsuzsa Vinkler | Development partners: concrete by Giacotti / concrete technology, Mes Llc. / electronics, Producers: Woldem Llc. / water cutting, Színmix Llc. / plottering, Brekeke Llc., Marschall Design Llc. / PVC milling, Sándor Kiss / electrical plan, József Nyúl / power wiring


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