Transparent rocks Glass façade- Sports Centre- Szombathely 2004
homlokzati üvegelemek | Szombathely | Map | 2004
The glass facades of the Sports Centre of Szombathely cover nearly 1000 square metres of surface area, and are 77 pieces of 55 cm long, 15 cm wide and 40 cm thick “transparent rock” elements. When glass is this thick, it loses the qualities that we usually ascribe to it, and start to give a watery sort of effect.

The elements melt into their surrounding son the walls of the Sports Centre, following the heavy set lines of the building, but are very noticeably separate from the wall materials in the interior of the centre. The glass elements have a chord like internal structure, and their rhythm is set by the different kinds of leaf patterns on them. The blocks, individually and taken as a whole, can easily be understood as part of a set by the onlooker. Because the façade is southward facing, the light that it lets through provides an active visual experience right until sunset.

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