DOS rendszerű mozaik rajz,kaleidoszkóp | Pitypang Óvoda, Jászberény 2012
PIXEL ANIMALS is an artistic intervention realized on the facade of a kindergarten in Jászberény, Hungray which aims to make the building more interesting and lovealbe for the little kids spending their time there

The pattern appearing on the surface of the whole facade from far depicts a huge dandelion blown by the wind, however from a closer ponint of view the tiny animals travelling on each „sails” of the blow ball become visible as well. This image is based on a low quality photo, and the coloured pixels of this photo appear on the walls as small glass mosaics. As part of the project we installed five caleidoscope structures into the brick wall on the left side of the front entrance which traverses the whole wall structure. The caleidoscopes appear in the midle of each flower motifs on the facade.

Architecture: Tamás Németh, Design: Anna Baróthy, Csenge Kolozsvári,  Assistants: Dóra Máthé, Zsanet Szirmay

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