• Muki Pix

    MUKI_PIX is a luminescent paving system, a small scale product made specifically for the space it is to be used in. These products reflect on human needs, on a personal touch to the rhythm of the city, on intimacy in a public space. The paving blends in to both living and inorganic surroundings near it seamlessly. Their main focus is on the vitality of nature, on its playfulness, and on harmony. The surface of the pavement has pictures on it, designed by you or the team. By day, a fine and delicate work of mostly plastic. After dark, the shapes and words light up if there is movement near them.




    LUMINARI GLASS DESIGN is the synthesis of S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture and Rákosy Glass dealing with only laminated glass surfaces, who have made a name for themselves with their innovative material culture and the unique appearance of their products. The use of surprising materials and colours, along with a fresh, colourful style are what LUMINARI is known for. They have a modern, material centric approach to design that is affordable, flexible and eager for production. Their products are incredibly diverse, and can be used with wood, as a door, a wall or divider, and can even be made into furniture, with your choice of transparent or opaque.




    S39 Hybrid Design Manufacturers are a creative design group active since 2004. Their main profile is complex, grandiose artistic design. Their projects typically have some link with the artistic use of space, be it installations, architectural design, the use of public spaces as art, or the design of objects. Besides the permanent members of the group there are always guest artists and designers working on a project or two. They are innovators, and this shows in their events and workshops. The BETON course and workshop is the main teaching platform of S39.




    CALTROPe is an easy to install modular system, which has an organic and environmentally aware answer to the problem of space lost by rising water levels. The dam like structures are made partially of concrete and also of local materials, and are to be used in tropical and subtropical deltas. The concrete units are placed on the shoreline, parallel to it, and are planted with mangrove trees, which stop the spread of the river, and will eventually blend in to their surroundings. This half concrete, half living dam will then acclimate to its surroundings, and will attract sediment to fill up the flood plains.



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